Tutorial: How To Do A Twist Braid

Hey guys!

So, today I’m going to show you how to do a twist braid. I figured this braid out myself one day when I was just experimenting with my hair. I then found out that it was already a known thing that goes by the name ‘twist braid’. I am in love with this simple way of tying back your fringe as it is easy to do yet looks stunning, especially with curly hair. This technique can be done with straight or curly hair (my hair was curly to start with, but I straightened my fringe and brushed out my curls for this tutorial).

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Start with your hair down, no clips, no bobbles. Here, you can choose whether to straighten your hair or not – it’s really up to you. As I already mentioned above, I straightened my fringe, just because I felt like doing so.

hair-neve-copyright - 2

Take a section from your fringe off of your parting and split it in half. I have numbered the sections in order to help you through this tutorial. The back section is Section #1 and the front section is #2.


Pull #2 towards your parting and pull #1 in the opposite direction. Then rotate them so that #2 is facing upward and #1 is facing downward. (In simpler terms, bring #1 to the front.)


Drop #1 (if it is easier). Take another small section from the rest of your fringe and add it to #1.


Repeat Steps Two, Three and Four. Remember to add a piece of hair after each twist!


When you are happy with the result, secure the braid with a bobby pin or two (preferably the same colour as your hair). I also added a beautiful clip from ‘Accessorize’ to finish the look.

Bobbyphoto[1] (2)

Smile! You look beautiful!

photo[3] (2)

It is important to note: practice makes perfect!
I love this hair technique so much as it is easy and only takes a manner of minutes to do. It is perfect if you are in a rush and need to tie back your fringe! You can change the look by taking bigger or smaller sections to make the braid the size you want and add cute accessories to complete the look, maybe a small bow, or a flower… it’s up to you!

Apologies that my photographs were not very good, I screenshot them from the video I made. If you want to see the video tutorial I made, please ask and I’ll put it up!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you use the opportunity to experiment different techniques on your hair to see what suits you the most! Feel free to share your thoughts and leave your comments in the box below! See you next time! Bye!

(All photographs FeatheredDreams©)