Bargain: New Look’s Black Platform Court Shoes

Hey guys!

So, the other day I was thinking to myself: “What else can I post about as well as Tutorials and Reviews?” and came up with my own category: Bargains. This topic suits me PERFECTLY as I am a massive bargain hunter and will almost never buy any clothes or shoes at full price. I love sales, especially clearance sales as the store wants to clear out everything in stock so they drastically reduce the prices before fresh merchandise arrives, which makes me a very happy girl. If you are like me – a teenager girl who is struggling to find a job – then these Bargain posts that I’m starting will hopefully help you find all your essentials (or desires) at a cheap price!

Anyway, I found myself wandering around the shoe section in New Look. Many of the shoes on sale were high heels or wedge heels priced at £5. Eventually, I came across these beauties:

They were originally £19.99 but were reduced to only £5!
At only a quarter of the recommended retail price, I definitely call these pair of heels a great bargain!
In my opinion, products from New Look are always good quality for reasonable prices, that is why I bought these in the sale when I had the chance, especially because I have tiny feet and can never find shoes that fit me.

Price Collage
The heels have a soft leather-look finish to them which gives them a bit of a shine in daylight.

These court heels have a small platform on them, only about half an inch high, which gives the person wearing them a little extra height.
Due to the platform sole, the heels come to a total of 4.5 inches tall.
ShoeCollageFeatheredDreams©They are super comfortable to wear, yet at times it is hard to balance in them due to the thin heel.
The fact that they are plain black means that they go with almost anything. I believe every girl should own at least one pair of black heels, because they are the ‘go-to’ shoes if you are stuck on what to wear and the match with most colours!

So there you have it! My new pair of court shoes from New Look.
I absolutely love them and cannot wait to wear them out.
As I previously said, I hope these Bargain posts that I am beginning to do will help those who are trying to look fashionable yet watch their pennies!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you found this helpful! Feel free to share your thoughts and leave your comments in the box below! Or leave me with any requests and I’ll happily do them! See you next time! Bye!

(All photographs FeatheredDreams©)